LONG STEM ONLY Stainless Steel Wine Stopper - (1 Piece)
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LONG STEM ONLY Stainless Steel Wine Stopper - (1 Piece)
Part Number 222
LONG STEM ONLY Stainless Steel Wine Stopper - (1 Piece)
LONG STEM ONLY Stainless Steel Wine Stopper - (1 Piece)
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You asked for them and we made them!

These Stainless Steel Wine Stoppers will hold up longer than the silver-plated stopper.

Although people think Stainless Steel will not change colors it can. (Please read the explanation below.)
It is recommended to wash stainless by hand.  Harsh detergents may alter the finish.
As with any beaded product it is best handled with care.

Our new stoppers are bright and shiny!

Choose From Long-Stem or Short-Stem.  

The long-stem measures 5-1/4" with approximately 2-1/4" of beading space.
The short-stem measures 4-1/2" with approximately 1-3/4" of beading space.
They have a nice thick black rubber ring that will secure this firmly into the bottle.

(One stopper per package.  Beads not included.)

It is stainless ... not stain proof.

Discoloration can be caused by ingredients found in tea, coffee, salad dressing, vinegar and salt. Pitting or spotting are usually caused by hard water or from foods with high salt content.


Do not use steel wool or steel brushes.

These products leave little particles in the surface of the steel and inevitably these particles begin rusting and staining the surface of the steel. They also can excessively scratch the surface of your stainless steel. Stay completely away from steel wool and steel brushes.

Do not assume it's the cleaner.

Use a good quality stainless cleaner to remove the "build up" caused by minerals

If you do have some spotting or staining, and you've followed all of the rules, it may not be the stainless steel cleaner. Water, especially hard water, can leave spotting and staining on stainless steel surfacesTowel dry after rinsing can end the problem. Sometimes, even water is an enemy to stainless steel.

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