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Beadable Products by Karen Thomas - Product Index
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Cat in a Row Boat Charm - (3 Charms)
Cat In A Tea Cup Charm - (2 Charms)
Cat Mom
Ceramic Sports Ball - (5 Beads)
Cerise Bubbles
Champagne Ice
Chantilly Lace
Chaos Coordinator
Charcuterie Fork
Checkered Handbag - (3 Charms)
Cheese Cleaver
Chevis Regal Bottle - (2 Charms)
Chicago Cubs
Chocolate Latte
Christmas Cheer
Christmas Cheer
Christmas Hostess Set (1 Set)
Christmas Ornament Ceramic Trivet & Spoon - (1 Set)
Christmas Pens Grab Bag - (4 pens)
Christmas Tree - (3 Charms)
Cinderella's Closet
Classic Orange
Cleveland Indians
Clowning Around
Coffee Cafe
Coffee Scoop Pouch
Coffee Scoop Pouch
Color Burst Art Stix
Confetti Eggs
Copper 18mm Heart Disk - (3 Beads)
Copper Anchor - (3 Charms)
Coral Dreams
Coral Plastic Beadcap - (6 Pieces)
Coral/Pink Silver - (5 Beads)
Cousin Crew
Cowboys Girl
Crafty Diva
Cranberry Coffeecake
Cranberry Pop
Cream/Red Heart Valentine Plate
Creatable Wine Stopper
Criss Cross Crystal - (3 Beads)
Criss Cross Crystal Hot Pink - (3 Beads)
Criss Cross Crystal Light Pink - (3 Beads)
Cross - (3 Beads)
Crushed Crystal Toppers - (Sold Individually)
Crushed Crystal Toppers Rosegold - (Sold Individually)
Crushed Gradient Blue Crystal Topper
Crystal Ball Toppers - (Sold Individually)
Crystal Blue Curlers - (3 Beads)
Crystal Boss
Crystal Boss
Crystal Butterfly
Crystal Butterfly
Crystal Butterfly
Crystal Cowboys
Crystal Cross - (2 Beads)
Crystal Crystal Barrel - (3 Beads)
Crystal Dark Green Curlers - (3 Beads)
Crystal Dark Purple Curlers - (3 Beads)
Crystal Diva Stiletto
Crystal Diva Wine Stopper
Crystal Dragonfly with Clasp - (5 Charms)
Crystal Faith
Crystal Golden Crown
Crystal Handbag
Crystal Handbag
Crystal Handbag - (3 Charms)
Crystal Hanger - (2 Charms)
Crystal Horse
Crystal Hot Pink Curlers - (3 Beads)
Crystal Leaf - (3 Beads)
Crystal Lime Purse
Crystal Lipstick
Crystal Love
Crystal Make-Up Brush Trio
Crystal Martini
Crystal Martini
Crystal Martini Glass Wine Stopper
Crystal Pineapple - (2 Charms)
Crystal Princess
Crystal Purple Curlers - (3 Beads)
Crystal Queen
Crystal Red Curlers - (3 Beads)
Crystal Rosegold Heart Charm - (5 Charms)
Crystal Seashell - (3 Charms)
Crystal Stiletto Wine Stopper
Crystal Stiletto Wine Stopper
Crystal Stiletto Wine Stopper
Crystal Trust
Crystal Turquoise Curlers - (3 Beads)
Crystal Wine
Crystal XO
Cute as a Bug
Cute Bunny Babe
Cutie Patootie
Dallas Cowboys
Dark Forest Green Pearly Cat's Eye - (4 Beads)
Date Night
Delicate Pearl
Delta Beauty
Delta Bracelet Helper/Roach Clip & Gift Pouch
Delta Crystal Charms - (2 Charms) - SORRY OUT OF STOCK
Delta Fly
Delta Girl - (1 Charm)
Delta Glam
Delta Handbag
Delta Red
Delta Shoe
Deluxe Appetizer Fork
Deluxe Canape Knife
Deluxe Jelly Spoon
Desert Cactus
Designer Pens - (5 Pens/Pouches/Refills)
Designer Plate & Fork
Detroit Diva Bead Set
Disco Ball
Diva Brushed Gold Butterfly (2 Beads)
Diva Crystal Shoe Wine Charm
Diva Delicious
Diva Make-Up Brush Duo
Diva Silver Butterfly - (2 Beads)
DIY 14" Garden Art Stix
DIY 14" Black Caviar - (1 Kit)
DIY 14" Gatsby Green - (1 Kit)
DIY 14" Laguna Blue Garden Art Stix - (1 Kit)
DIY 14" Sweet Watermelon - (1 Kit)
DIY 14" Very Berry Garden Art Stix - (1 Kit)
DIY 14-Inch AKA Garden Stix
DIY 14-Inch Black Lives Matter Garden Art Stix - (1 Kit)
DIY 14-Inch Delta Garden Stix
DIY 14-Inch Lemon Frolic Garden Art Stix - (1 Kit)
DIY 14-Inch Zeta Garden Stix
DIY 7" Pink Party Garden Art Stix - (1 Kit)
DIY 7" Purple Punch Garden Art Stix - (1 Kit)
DIY AKA Keyfinder with Bonus Pouch
DIY Black & White Make-Up Brush - (1 Brush)
DIY Black and White Eyeshadow Makeup Brush Kit
DIY Black and White Makeup Large Brush Kit
DIY Black Lives Matter Makeup Large Brush Kit
DIY Black Lives Matter Wine Stopper
DIY Cardinals Wine Stopper
DIY Crystal Diva Wine Charms - (6 Pieces)
DIY Crystal Dragonfly Key Chain
DIY Crystal SF Giants Wine Stopper - SORRY OUT OF STOCK
DIY Delta Crystal Makeup Large Brush Kit
DIY Diva Wine Charm Set
DIY Giants Wine Stopper
DIY Oakland A's Wine Stopper
DIY Pink & White Make-Up Brush - (1 Brush)
DIY Purple Make-Up Brush - (1 Brush)
DIY San Fran 49ers Wine Stopper
DIY Spartan Wine Stopper
DIY Swarovski Gold Makeup Large Brush Kit
DIY Turquoise Make-Up Brush - (1 Brush)
DIY Zeta Crystal Makeup Large Brush Kit
DIY Zeta Keychain
DIY Zeta Keyfinder with Bonus Pouch
Do You Boo- (1 Charm)
Do You Boo!
Don't Be Eye Candy, Be Soul Food
Don't Panic, It's Organic
Dope Black Girl
Dope Black Girl
Dope Black Girl
Dope Black Girl
Dope Black Girl
Dope Black Girl - (1 Charm)
Dope Black Girl Charm - (1 Charm)
Double Heart Pink Bracelet
Double Heart Purple Bracelet
Double Heart Red Bracelet
Double Heart Turquoise Bracelet
Dragonfly Dreams
Dream Charm - (5 Charms)
Dream In Color
Drink Up Grinches
Drinks Well with Others - (1 Charm)
Easter Basket
Easter Egg
Egyptian Acrylic Cream & Gold - (5 Beads)
Egyptian Acrylic White and Blue - (3 Beads)
Electroplated Abstract - (3 Beads)
Electroplated Abstract Orange - (4 Beads)
Enamel Flower - (3 Beads)
Enamel Happy Charms - (2 Charms)
Enamel Oval Key Ring
Enamel Pale Pink - (4 Beads)
Enamel Pineapple - (3 Charms)
Extra Handle
Eyebrow Brush
EyeGlass Repair Kit
Faith - (1 Charm)
Faith Charm - (3 Charms)
Faith Charm - (5 Charms)
Faith Hope Love
Family Charm - (5 Charms)
Fancy Crystal Dress
Fancy Turquoise & Gold - (5 Beads)
Fandango Large Blush Brush - SORRY SOLD OUT
Faux Pearl Ring Topper
Featherlite Aluminum Pens - SORRY OUT OF STOCK
Featherlite Pen Ink Refill
Field of Flowers - (4 Beads)
Fight For Life
Fight Like A Girl
Fight Like A Girl
First Blush
Flamingo Fantasy
Flat Bead Pen Cap - (1 Piece)
Flip Flop
Flirty - (4 Beads)
Floral Tapestry
Florida Girl
Flower Charm & Bale - (1 Set)
Flower Charm & Bale - (1 Set)
Flower Fantasy
Flower Pendant
Forever Charm - (5 Charms)
Four Leaf Clover Spacer - (5 Beads)
Friends Charm - (3 Charms)
Frosted Silver Scroll - (5 Beads)
Fruit Martini - (2 Charms)
Fruity Martini
Fur Mama
Garden Art Stix
Garden Gate
Get Creative
Giants - (1 Charm)
Giraffe Manor
Girl Boss
Girl Magic
Girl Sparkle
Girl's Day Out
Girly Girl with Heart Charm
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