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Beadable Products by Karen Thomas - Product Index
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SF 49er's
She Power
Shiny Blue Scroll - (5 Beads)
Shiny Layer Ring
Shoe Crazy
Shopping Spree Wine Stopper
Sienna Rose Brush Set
Siesta Gecko
Siesta Key
Sigma Lambda Gamma
Silver "bad & boujee" - (1 Charm)
Silver "Besties" - (1 Charm)
SILVER "Thankful grateful Blessed" - (1 Charm)
SILVER Black Girl Magic - (1 Charm)
Silver Created with a Purpose
Silver Cross - (4 Beads)
Silver Crystal Star
Silver Crystal Sunglasses - (2 Charms)
Silver Diva - (1 Charm)
Silver Filigree Column - (10 Beads)
Silver Heart Bale - (3 Beads)
SILVER Jesus is Essential - (1 Charm)
Silver Life's better at the Beach - (1 Charm)
Silver Make-Up Brush Case Only
Silver Nurse Hat Charm - (5 Charms)
SILVER ONLY Non-Contact Keychain - (1 Piece)
Silver or Gold Heart Keyring
SILVER Queen - Beautiful and Sexy - (1 Charm)
Silver RN - (1 Charm)
Silver Skis - (2 Beads)
SILVER Sorority Sisters - (1 Charm)
Silver Spiral Pendant Hanger
Silver Star Bale - (5 Bales)
Silver swirl - (5 Beads)
Silver Swirl Disk
SILVER Vibes - (1 Charm)
Silver-Plated Bangle Bracelet - No Stopper Beads
Silver-Plated Cat - (3 Charms)
Silver-Plated Heart Swirls - (2 Charms)
Silver-Plated Horseshoe Key Ring
Silver-Plated Small Clasp
Sip and Shop
Sleighbells Bead Set - (10 Beads)
Slotted Spoon
Small Add-A-Bead Pendant- CLEARANCE - SORRY SOLD OUT
Small Eyeglass Charm - (5 Charms)
Small Eyeshadow Brush - SORRY OUT OF STOCK
Small Heart Trinket Bowl with Lid
Small Orphan Beads - (6 Beads)
Small Silver-Plated Charms (10 Charms)
Small Stainless Steel Ladle
SMALL Stainless Steel Salad Set
SMALL Stainless Steel TWISTED Salad Set
Small Trinket Bowl with Lid
Smashing Pumpkins
Smooches Crystal Wine Stopper
Sneaky Pink
Snow White Dress - (2 Charms)
Snowy Day
Soho Large Blush Brush
Sole Charm & Bale - (1 Set)
Something Blue Charm - (3 Charms)
Sonoran Desert
Sonoran Desert
Sonoran Desert
Sorority Sister
Sorority Sisters
Sorr, Out of Stock
Soul Sister Crystal Charm - (1 Bead)
Sox Charm - (3 Charms)
Sparkle Like a Unicorn - (1 Charm)
Sparkle Round - (10 Beads) - SORRY OUT STOCK
Spot Of Tea Bookmark - SORRY OUT OF STOCK
Spring Daisy
Spring Happiness
Square Butter Cheese Knife
Square Cheese Knife with Holes
Square Emerald Green Ring Topper
Squiggly Spacers - (3 Beads)
St. Patty's Day
Stained Glass
Stainless Steel Serving Spoon
Stainless Steel Appetizer Pick - (1 Piece)
Stainless Steel Bar Strainer - SORRY OUT OF STOCK
Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop -(original style)
Stainless Steel Dinner Fork - (One Fork)
Stainless Steel Double Dip Bowl - SORRY DISCONTINUED
Stainless Steel Honey Dripper
Stainless Steel Hot Chocolate Spoon - SORRY OUT OF STOCK/2023
Stainless Steel Large Serving Spoon
Stainless Steel Round Cheese Knife
Stainless Steel Salsa Olive Spoon Without Holes
Stainless Steel Serving Fork
Stainless Steel Serving Tongs with Gripper Teeth
Stainless Steel Small Scoop
Stainless Steel Spaghetti Pasta Server
Stainless Steel TWISTED Salad Set
Stainless Steel Wine Stopper - (1 Piece)
Star of David
Star Struck
Star Sunglasses - (2 Charms)
Star Wars
Stardust Queen
Starfish - (3 Beads)
STEM Key Finders
Steppin' Out - (5 Charms)
Sterling Silver Stopper Beads - (4 BEADS ONLY)
Straight Flush
Strawberry Shortcake
Sugar Bowl With Lid
Summer Fun
Summer Kool Aid
Summer Moon
Sunburst Clasp - (2 Sets)
Sunday Brunch
Sunglasses Charm - (3 Charms)
Swarovski Blue Marble
Swarovski Purple Zebra
Swarovski Rendezvous
Swarovski Spring Stylus Pen Set
Sweet Summer Breeze
Sweet Treats
Sweetheart Bead Kit
Swing and Swirl
Swinging Handbag
Swinging Nightlife
Swinging Ponytail
T is for Truth
Table Purse Hook
Tampa Bay
Taper Candle Holder
Teacher Life
Teacher's Pet
Tennis Anyone? Wine Stopper
Thankful grateful Blessed
Thou Shall Not Try Me - (1 Charm)
Three Flamingos
Tigger the Tiger
To Teach Is To Love
To Teach Is To Love
Together Forever - (3 Beads)
Too Sweet
Torah Pointer - SORRY OUT OF STOCK
Turquoise & Gold Crystal Tube - (1 Bead)
Turquoise Crystal Ball - (3 Beads)
Turquoise Crystal Ball - (3 Beads)
Turquoise Crystal Barrel - (3 Beads)
Turquoise Crystal Stiletto - (2 Charms)
Turquoise Flowers Cross
Turquoise Handbag
Turquoise Lampwork Wine Stopper
Turquoise Make-Up Brush Trio
Turquoise Metal Scroll - (4 Beads)
Turquoise Pearl Cat's Eye - (5 Beads)
Turquoise Sand Dollar - (3 Charms)
Turquoise Stone Ring Topper
Turtle - (2 Charms)
Turtle Bay
Twinkle Twinkle
Server - Stainless Steel
TWISTED Canape Knife
Twisted Fork & Spoon Set - SORRY OUT OF STOCK
Twisted Ice Tea Spoon
Twisted Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer Planer
U.S. Navy
Unapologetically Dope
Under The Sea - (1 Bead)
Uptown Girl
Utah Jazz
Vegetable Strainer
Veggie Chick
Velvet Pouch - Bead Pen/Letter Opener
Vodka Bottle - (2 Charms)
Votive Candle Holder
Warm Mittens
We Stand Together
Wedding Dress
What's Up Doc
Whimsical Butterfly
White & Crystal Sandal Charms - (2 Charms)
White & Gold Acrylic Diamond - (5 Beads)
White & Gold Stiletto Charms - (3 Charms)
White Floral
White Handbag - (3 Charms)
White Stiletto
Wine Bottle - (2 Charms)
Wine List Charm - (3 Charms)
Wine Time
Winter Garden
Woof - (3 Beads) - SORRY OUT OF STOCK
X-Large 50mm Crystal Stiletto - (1 Charm)
XOXO Charm - (3 Charms)
x's & o's spacer - (5 Beads)
Yellow Boujie
Yellow Diva
Yellow Diva
Yellow Fantasy
Yellow Metal Scroll - (4 Beads)
Yellow Pearl Cat's Eye - (5 Beads)
Yellow Stiletto
You & Me Bead Kit
You Got This!
Zebra Pajamas
Zeta Blue
Zeta Crystal Charms - (1 Charms) - SORRY OUT OF STOCK
Zeta Girl
Zeta Girl - (1 Charm)
Zeta In Style
Zeta Love
Zeta Love
Zeta Love
Zeta Phi Beta
Zipper Pull/Key Chain
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